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Angelica is an excellent digestive tonic ingredient because it stimulates the production of digestive enzymes. It is used to improve the appetite and the assimilation of nutrients. The volatile oil contained in angelica makes it a good carminative to relieve gas. Angelica is beneficial during convalescence and debility. The seeds are used to flavor alcoholic beverages and are considered milder in nature than the root. As a bitter tonic, it is used for lack of appetite, general debility, and convalescence. Yarrow helps regulate blood flow throughout the body, and coupled with its antiinflammatory action, it can relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism. As a blood mover, it is also indicated for menstrual irregularities, such as sluggish or painful menses, delayed menstruation, and painful and heavy periods, having a mild pain-relieving effect as well as helping to remove blood congestion. It helps relieve spasms and inflammation and is sometimes helpful for irritable bowel complaints, colic, and intestinal and uterine cramps. Yarrow root is chewed to alleviate toothache.