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I have been changing how I look at and use herbs. This course is filling in the missing holes I have with my herbal training. Awesome, thank you so much!
Deanna Hanson
I really enjoyed the journey. Your course is very well structured and practical. Thanks to your class I was able to get control back over my own health and the health of my family. Everyone loves the new "health & nature" vibe in the house.
Carine Namiech
Surfside, FL
This has been an amazing course! I almost hate to see it end. What will I do with my free time now? Every minute I spent on this course challenged me. Giving this brain a good workout, in such a wonderful way, has really been good.
Jerrie Crummett
Stillwater, OK
This was a wonderful course that exceeded my expectations. The course is well organized, easy to understand but not oversimplified. I read over each section many times and I learned something new each time. Maybe the most beneficial aspect of the course is the experiential learning component of the assigned projects. This course demystified how to make my own tinctures and basic formulation. Even after taking numerous graduate courses in herbalism I find myself using this course as frequent reference. I highly recommend this course for beginning herbalists.
Luke Einerson
I have enjoyed this program. It works great as a continuing education class. Great fun. I will continue to recommend people to you.
Shannon Brock, Nokesville, VA
Thank you both for a terrific course.  I especially appreciated the organization of the material by major body system and the holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The blend of lectures, slide presentations and text provided a thorough, well rounded, integrated course on herbal medicine.  The lessons were very detailed and thorough, and I learned a tremendous amount from them.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants an in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine and energetic principles.
Julie Herzog, Elderberry Herb Farm, Sharon Springs, NY
Thank you for offering this fabulous course. I can't believe how much I learned from it and how much information it contains. The layout of the course along with the lectures made it really easy for me to learn the herbs and remember their uses. This course has proved to be extremely useful as I refer to it almost daily. Since I have finished the course I still go over the lessons regularly and am still learning new things!
Kristina Kitchen
I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying the fact that your lessons are so amazingly well put together!  I love the organization, how "academic" in nature they are and the easy learning flow.  Thanks!
Michelle Prindle
When Christopher Hobbs says in his video about this course that “We feel like this is one of the best courses for studying herbal medicine, the traditions, the history of herbal medicine, that is available out there”, I could not agree with him more! I was a bit hesitant at first to take a course that included TCM concepts and Chinese Herbal Medicine because the few books I had read on the subject just served to confuse me further.

However, after viewing Chris’s video, I became convinced that this was the course that I needed to take and I was not disappointed. The course does a superb job of explaining the basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Western Herbalist mind. Western medical and scientific information are also included, and all three concepts are blended flawlessly for maximum understanding. Kudos to Chris Hobbs and Beth Baugh for designing and making available such a high quality distance-learning course for study!
Linda E. Nedderman-Eaton
Cranston, RI
I can't speak highly enough of your course. I am having a great time studying it and am thankful such quality courses are available for the home student.
Thanks again,
John Kaleel
I absolutely love this course! I have explored many herbal distance learning programs and this course is by far superior. The material is presented so that is easliy understandable with great references making the information easy to retain. The course goes beyond theory, and presents practical information that you can begin using immediately. I am finallly making my own herbal remedies that are benefitting myself, my family, and friends. I would highly recommend Mr. Hobbs program to anyone interested in studiying the wonder of herbs!
L.M. Vellucci, Martial Arts Instructor
Redmond, OR
I went into this course a nurse and a Herbalist. I knew I would learn a lot but not to the extent and caliber this course has proven to be. Every lesson is an eye- opening experience, an adventure of sorts. It is scientifically, medically correct and incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Native American, and other alternative therapies as well. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to take their knowledge up to the next level. Anyone who is interested in the natural approach to health or who wishes to supplement their own would benefit from this course. Linda Roberts
Snellville, GA
One way that the course is helping me at the herb store where I work is that now I understand more of how things work in TCM. Also I understand more about what words like "wildcrafting" actually mean. I am also learning how varying herb products can be, and how who they are made by makes a real difference. I'm becoming a lot more confident in my knowledge on herbs and herbal medicine and am really looking forward to the rest of the course.
Lora Darling
Guerneville, CA
Like a good herbal formula, Christopher Hobbs’ home study course is a fine blend of Western and Chinese herbal practices. The course also brings traditional herbalism closer to the mainstream of current medicine and science by examining the chemical constituents of herbs and their therapeutic activities.
John Maknopoulos
Chicago, IL
In the past I never thought I'd do well with this type of program, as I prefer a classroom setting. However, once I saw the PowerPoint presentation and text format, I realized how in-depth and good this program would be for me. I have enjoyed each chapter and even though some is overview, I still learn more than I knew before. I have encouraged others to take this program because of the incredible instructional background and development and how easy this is to fit into my current busy lifestyle. I am excited to progress onward through this study and know this work will lead me to more of what I like in the herb profession. Thank you for creating this program!
Kelly Clonts
Manager, Peach Tree Natural Foods
Atlanta, GA
An outstanding program. Very well organized, easy to understand and easy to follow. Finishing this program increased my knowledge and raised my comfort level to a level high enough to find my niche in the Herbal Industry. I highly recommend it to all who are persuing herbal studies.
Thank you Christopher and Beth.
Inge Rothig, Gig Harbor, WA
This course is tops! It is well written and comes with beautifully illustrated CD presentations. It truly captures both the magnitude of modern worldwide herbal medicine and the nitty gritty of how to practice. Christopher and Beth deeply understand what is at stake and cut to the chase to empower us with the ability to take care of ourselves, our loved ones and clients.